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FLIR ULTRA 6000 High-Performance Airborne Imaging System

Using our newly acquired FLIR Ultra 6000 stabilized IR camera system we can provide many new infrared inspection and surveillance services. The system provides both infrared video and daylight color video in a fully stabilized camera turret. The system is stabilized in four axis to provide a solid image for doing a variety of thermal inspections. Using infrared technology we can provide many types of inspections without ever setting foot on the property. An aerial fly-over with our sensor system can help you determine faulty power line components, gas leaks, roof leaks, improper or poor insulation, agricultural assessments, forestry assessments, night time surveillance and more.

  • Power line Patrol
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Building Inspections
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Forestry Inspection
  • Agricultural Inspection
  • Surveillance
  • Electrical Inspections



Canon 5D Mark 2

Cities From Above can capture both vertical and oblique still images for your construction project, real estate site, special event, and many other sites. Most of our projects are photographed using the Canon 5D Mark 2 camera, capable of 21 Megapixel images and HD Video.  Our exclusive use of digital equipment allows us to capture, process, and deliver your media in a short time.  After an aerial photography session we analyze captured media to ensure its quality and make any adjustments necessary.  After completing the image processing, we copy the material to a DVD for delivery.  All sessions are archived in the event you need additional copies in the future.  Most sessions are processed and delivered within one (1) week of the photo flight.  Priority services are offered when our schedule and the weather allows.  We use the most updated software to enhance your images and can offer text, graphics, and other additions that help identify parts of your image.

  • Construction Progress Interval
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Commercial Development
  • Geocode (Add GPS Coordinates)
  • Reverse Geocode
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Property Disputes
  • Traffic Accident Litigation
  • Residential Home Portraits
  • Special Events
  • Aerial Boat Portraits
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Golf Courses



  • Real Estate Videos
  • Television Commercials
  • Web Site Video
  • Stock Video Footage
  • HD Stock Footage
  • Wedding Videos
  • Marketing
  • Promotional Videos
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Hurricane Damage Assessment

Cities From Above provides the highest quality aerial video services in the Southeast United States.  Broadcast quality aerial video can ONLY be achieved by isolating the camera from the aircraft.  Cities From Above uses the Aerial Exposures International camera mount system.  This is the same system used to capture videos featured on popular television channels such as Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and major network channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC). (Click on the photo to the right to view a larger version of the camera mount.)

The mount system incorporates four (4) Kenyon Labs KS-8 gyroscopic stabilizers that are capable of stabilizing cameras up to 30 pounds. The mount is fully adjustable to accommodate many types of cameras depending on customer needs. Once video is captured using our stabilized mount, no post-production stabilization is needed.  Post-production stabilization accomplished on computer editing systems will degrade image quality and result in a low quality video. Our mount system can be installed in many types of moving platforms including helicopters, airplanes, boats, and automobiles. We want to help you achieve your video goals.  Please call us when you are ready for the highest quality stabilized video possible. View Sample Video

Cities From Above Video has many hours of stock video footage along the Gulf Coast and beyond.  If you have a need for small clips of HD broadcast video footage for television commercials, real estate videos, promotional videos, web video, or other project please visit our stock purchase site to browse our many hours of stock footage.  All stock video footage is available in different qualities to meet the needs of your project.  Video is available in High Definition, NTSC Broadcast Quality (Standard Definition), compressed web-ready quality. 


Promotional Video

Please call us to discuss how we can produce a promotional video that incorporates a series of shots highlighting the area and then focusing on your subject property.  These exciting video clips will engage your viewers with breathtaking aerial video that enlightens them on the true beauty of the area.  Produced video can then be used during marketing events, embedded into web pages, or wherever video is needed.

Construction Progress

Cities From Above can provide your company with high resolution photographs that will display the progress of your site in a way that only aerial photos can.  Construction progress photos are the best way to keep track of job progress.  One look at an aerial photo provides many details about the project that can be helpful to supervisors, production teams, and financial partners.  Aerial photos make the perfect backdrop during weekly production meetings.

Real Estate Marketing

Cities From Above will help you sell your commercial and residential real estate.  Your clients will be impressed and enlightened by the addition of aerial photos that help depict property location and its proximity to roadways and points of interest.  Call for specific details about this service.